What’s In A Name?

Welcome to the first installment of ANDREW’S FANTASY. Perhaps I should begin by explaining the blog’s title. My name is Andrew Grossman and my upcoming novel, LOST SKY, is a work of contemporary fantasy fiction.In the case of this blog, however, my use of the word “fantasy” has a dual meaning.

You see a few years ago, while working in my garden, an idea for a novel unexpectedly popped into my head. At the time I had no credentials or formal training as a writer and although I attended Bennington College in the 1980’s with the authors Bret Easton Ellis and Donna Tartt, I was a Modern Dance and Botanic Science major.

As I’ve always believed that creative endeavors, no matter the outcome, have a certain innate value, I decided to disregard my lack of experience and set to work on a first draft. In passing and not without a touch of embarrassment, I mentioned my new project to a college chum who happened to be a noted journalist. She generously offered to read my manuscript and subsequently gave me a wealth of advice on many of the more technical aspects of writing. Eventually I shared my chapters with a few other friends including the author Danielle Trussoni. Encouraged by their support I began to “fantasize” about getting my novel published.

This past fall LOST SKY was accepted for publication by the imprint Queered Fiction and will be hitting the shelves (or at least Amazon.com) in 2010. In the upcoming weeks I plan to use these posts as a forum to discuss the writing and publication process from a novice’s perspective and I welcome your input as I navigate what are for me uncharted waters.

Finally, as you finish reading this post you may be wondering why I didn’t use my full name or my novel’s title as the the web address for this bog. Surprisingly, both were already taken by someone else.

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